Estate Planning, Real Estate, Probate, Corporate & Business Law in Bennington, Vermont

Jacobs Law Offices, LLC in Bennington, Vermont, provides a wide range of legal services for your personal or business matters, including corporate law.

Our Legal Services:

    • Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts
    • Real Estate - Residential & Commercial
    • Probate Administration
    • Guardianship
    • Health Law
    • Business & Corporate Law
    • Zoning, Planning & Land Use
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    Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney and Advance Directives

    We will assist you with your estate planning needs. We create documents that convey your intentions for your assets after death, identify those responsible for settling your obligations and distributing your assets.

    We are very experienced in providing counsel regarding various trust arrangements which are available to you both during your lifetime and for distribution of your assets upon your death.

    We also provide counsel for you to consider regarding your preferences with regard to your care if you become disabled before death.

    Typically estate documents include wills, trusts, healthcare (Advance Directives) and financial (Powers of
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    Real Estate - Residential & Commercial

    This firm has extensive experience practicing real estate law/property law. We can provide you with the effective legal representation in all aspects of Vermont property law needed to complete a purchase and sale transaction from the standard purchase and sale to the more complicated asset purchase and sale transaction. These services include assisting individuals and businesses in loans and mortgages, refinancing, home equity loans and lines of credit.
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    Probate Administration

    We are able to assist our client throughout the probate process. These services include assisting the client in filing of the probate petition, proving the will, appointment of an administrator or executor, legal notices to creditors, estate management and administration, accounting and closing the estate.
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    We are able to assist our client in the guardianship process including petition preparation for petitioners, mental health evaluations, court hearings, identifying and preserving assets, preparation and filing of inventories, annual accountings and annual personal status reports. In various guardianship proceedings our representation includes prospective legal guardians or prospective wards including cases involving minor children.
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    Health Law

    The health law expertise we have can assist both institutional and individual health care providers. We advise and represent health care providers on a wide variety of issues, including federal and state law and regulations that impact their ability to provide quality health care services.
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    Business & Corporate Law

    As you evaluate your options for your business we will guide you with respect to issues you may encounter, and will assist you in deciding the best option available to conduct your business including sole proprietorship, partnership, corporate or LLC entities. We will guide you through the process of preparing and filing the legal documents needed to protect yourself and family from liability and financial risk
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    Zoning, Planning & Land Use

    This firm has the resources available to provide guidance to individuals and businesses who need to obtain municipal and /or state permits regarding land use and development. These include subdivision of property, wastewater and water supply permits, zoning permits and conditional use permits.
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